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High quality swimming products designed with cutting edge aquatic product technology, competitive prices, punctual shipment and great customer service are the foundations behind LacticZONE’s long-term relationships with customers.

Custom Made

Swim caps, Club Polo’s and swim parkas can be “custom made” in line with club, school and corporate team uniform colours. Please email us for a tailored quotation.

Custom Logo Design

The LacticZONE team with their many years of design experience are here to make your logo dance with a Point Of Difference…


Since I first purchased Lactic Zone racing goggles I have worn no other goggle in my swimming races, and I have progressed to the new tinted goggles, which are a further improvement.

I have had no issue at any time with the goggles coming loose in a racing start, and this is such an important part of successful racing, and they provide excellent vision throughout the race.

Brian Julian Davis
Brian Julian DavisAustralian Masters Swimmer for 25 Years

Just following up from our conversation last Thursday regarding your product Lactic Zone Swim Goggles. I was in the water 30 minutes after receiving the goggles and really enjoyed doing a couple of K’s I thought the tint was spot on. I went home and decided to give you a call just to let you know just how impressed I was and even better after accidentally rubbing the defog off inside it’s no big issue to put a drop of baby shampoo in each lens , lightly slosh it out with water , let it dry and your good to go. Yes the instructions inside the case advise you not to rub inside but if you do so what.

Peter Fairall
Peter FairallSydney

Thank you for the extra throw in too – very much appreciated! Hope the business is going well as you really do have an awesome product.

Carlee Blanchard
Carlee BlanchardOpen water swimmer

When I bought googles from you at the Top of the Bay swim last month you asked if I would let you know how they perform. They’re excellent, and lend an extra dimension to the pleasure of swimming. Thanks

Hugh McKinnon
Hugh McKinnonOpen water swimmer.

Best value for money goggles I have ever bought. Easily one of the highest quality too. They’ve lasted me almost 2 whole years of swimming 2-4 sessions a week, which are all an hour and a half long. Would highly recommend you pick yourself up a pair.

Nicholas RoweLilydale Swimming Club
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